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Since 1949 extra virgin oil excellence from Umbria in Italy

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In the green garden of Southern Umbria, Suatoni Oil Mill is a company that has been producing extra virgin olive oil since 1949 extract with cold pressing coming from Amerino, one of the most tasty territories of Italy.

From Franco, the founder of the Suatoni Company, to his son Vincenzo and his wife Anna, to Francesco and his wife Giuditta who own the company today: Suatoni’s Family has 70 years of oil history and is proud to produce a precious kind of EVO Oil.

Italian EVO oil, Umbria PDO Colli Amerini EVO oil, Organic EVO oil, monocultivar Rajo EVO oil: take home a little taste of Umbria.


Food&Wine + Organic Cosmetics + EXPERIENCES

Not just EVO oil but also Organic EVO oil and our flagship of monocultivar Rajo Umbro,  Suatoni is a brand of excellence with food & wine products, organic cosmetics and the possibility to experience the life of the company with guided and tasting tours.

Discover our legumes, cereals and flours of Umbria.

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