We are in Umbria, home of saints, poets and those who love good wine and food.

It’s the land of the good flavors that come from all those simple and delicious products that make a typical Umbrian meal an extraordinary experience.

From the typical products to the local traditions that are still alive, today cuisine has roots in peasant culture, where people in the kitchen knew how to choose the perfect ingredients.

Eat and drink in Umbria: the Suatoni food and wine offer.

A place where you can find all of the products that make Umbria a place to visit and taste.

Oil, clearly, and wines and all that flavor made of sauces, paté, condiments, jams and honey.

Umbria is a land to experience with all your five senses, first of them: taste.

Taste all the products of food and wine in your Suatoni’s experience.

Our variety of cereals, legumes and flours.

Presiding over our territory to discover those realities that produce excellence between tradition and innovation, adds to our offer products of Amerino and our Region.

Thanks to Slow Food we can enlarge our offer, offering only high quality products from Umbria and particularly Amerino:


Our Umbrian wildflower honey.

The bees of our Region, tireless and hardworking, fly from flower to flower to produce that Umbrian wildflower honey, healthy, rich in nutrients and delicate.

Excellent for those who must energize and purify the body, has a stimulating and regulating function of the intestine, as well as, as per tradition, useful to heal seasonal ailments.