Organic EVOO is an olive oil obtained thanks to olives cultivated and manufactured following the protocols of organic agriculture.

Suatoni’s Italian Organic EVOO.

The Suatoni company owns over 6000 olive trees in the territory of the Umbrian hills of the Municipality of Amelia and Amerino, grown organically, until 1995.

The oil mill has organic certification, so we have complete control of the entire production chain.

This allows us to sell such a good Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at an equally good price.

The olives of the variety of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino and Rajo are strictly harvested by hand between late October and late November.

Then we proceed to cold pressing with a continuous cycle system within twelve hours.

Suatoni’s Organic EVO Oil, use and size.

Suatoni’s Organic EVOO has an intense golden yellow color with delicate shades of green. It has a soft and fine aroma, a taste of chicory, lettuce and a spicy note of black pepper and ripe walnut.

It is recommended with bruschetta and with vegetables, vegetable salads, soups, white meats and white fish.

Suatoni’s Organic EVOO is in the following size:

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What is Organic Farming?

The European Union, through EC regulation no. 834/2007, outlined the rules on production and therefore on organic farming, which was defined as:

“A global system of farm management and agri-food production based on the interaction between best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the protection of natural resources, the application of rigorous criteria for animal welfare and a production suited to the preferences of certain consumers for products obtained with natural substances and processes.

The organic production method therefore performs a dual social function, providing on the one hand a specific market that responds to consumer demand for organic products and, on the other, providing public goods that contribute to environmental protection and animal welfare and rural development.”

Because of this:

  • the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is prohibited;
  • no genetically modified organisms are allowed;
  • crop rotation is needed.

In organic agriculture, natural fertilizers and amendments are used such as compost, manure or green manure.

To guarantee defense of crops we intervene with natural substances of vegetable or mineral origin and which are expressly authorized by the European regulation.

What are the differences between EVO oil and Organic EVOO?

EVOO is organic when obtained from olives grown and then processed in organic production.

It is not for sure that an organic olive oil is better, on an organoleptic level, than a non-organic one.

It is certainly a product that:

  • respects the environment and who uses it;
  • respects the principles of a healthy and conscious diet;
  • is free from synthetic substances;
  • because of the processing systems, the control over the entire chain, the practices for certification, the cost of an organic olive oil, can be higher than a non-organic olive oil.
Organic olive tree