Umbria is the first Italian Region to have obtained PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition for EVOO throughout the region.

The PDO Umbria designation is accompanied by five geographical indications that differ each one according to climatic conditions, varieties, geography, agronomic techniques and methods of oil production.

Our area is identified as that of the Amerini Hills (Amerino hills).

Suatoni PDO Umbria Colli Amerini EVOO.

Suatoni’s PDO Umbria Colli Amerini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s obtained by hand harvesting from mid-October to mid-November in our olive groves in Amelia and those of local olive farms of Amerino.

According to the product specification, thi certified EVOO is made through the cold pressing of olives from Moraiolo (at least 15%) and olives from Frantoio, Leccino and Rajo (up to 85%).

PDO Umbria Colli Amerini EVOO: Organoleptic properties, use and size.

Suatoni PDO Umbria Colli Amerini EVOO has an intense golden/yellow color with delicate green nuances, medium-light fruity with hints of aromatic herbs, green apple and almond.

Recommended with grilled and roasted meat and fish, cereals, legumes, soups and bruschetta.

Sold in the elegant format with a 0.50 liter bottle.

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PDO: UE food safety and quality certification.

What P.D.O. means? 

It is an abbreviation for Protected Denomination of Origin: a geographical indication defined within European Union law in order to protect regional agricultural products and foods.

Which products are identified with the PDO certification?

Product names registered as PDO are those that have the strongest links to the place in which they are made.

Every part of the production, processing and preparation process must take place in the specific region.

Extra virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Umbria.

PDO certification was established by the European Union in early 1992: the subject is now governed by reg. CE 1151/2012 which protects agro-food products of a certain value and interest.

A specific regulates both the production processes and the final quality. A certifying body is appointed for the control.

The designation is accompanied by one of the following geographical indications: Colli Assisi-Spoleto, Colli Martani, Colli Amerini, Colli del Trasimeno and Colli Orvietani.

PDO Umbria Colli Amerini.

PDO Umbria Colli Amerini area includes nine municipalities of Southern Umbria: Amelia, Alviano, Attigliano, Avigliano Umbro, Giove, Guardea, Lugnano in Teverina, Montecastrilli, Penna in Teverina; and in some of the municipalities of the southern Flaminia area, such as Calvi, Otricoli, Narni, San Gemini.

The specification identifies the varieties of monocultivar olives used:

  • Moraiolo greater than or equal to 15%
  • Frantoio and / or Leccino and / or Rajo less than or equal to 85%
  • Other varieties less than or equal to 10%
Ulivo nei colli amerini di fronte il Frantoio Suatoni