The olive varieties that are present on the Italian peninsula have many years of history.

Many varieties of olive trees were selected even at the time of the Romans who were great producers of olive oil that served to feed but also for medicine, cosmetics and, above all, as fuel for lighting.

One of these ancient varieties is the Rajo, an olive native to the Amerine hills, from which is obtained a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil of absolute excellence.

Suatoni Rajo monovarietal Italian EVOO.

Suatoni Italina Rajo EVOO is a monocultivar obtained thanks to the hand harvesting of our centuries-old olive trees of the Rajo variety.

After harvesting, the olives are cold pressed with a mechanical process within 12 hours.

Suatoni Italian Rajo EVOO organoleptic properties, use and size.

Our Rajo Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a yellow color with green reflections, with an intense scent of hullnut, green tomato, medicinal herbs and a spicy and elegantly bitter taste.

It is recommended with: boiled potatoes, chickpeas, legume soups, white meat, cod and blue fish, bruschetta.

It is sold in a charming 0.50 liter bottle.

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