Ameria, is the ancient roman name of Amelia, one of the oldest and important cities of southern Umbria. 

The Amerino is its territory and includes some of the most beautyfull and evocative cities of this Italian Region.

Amelia, Amerino and the authenticity of Southern Umbria.

Amelia has an ancient history. The first urban settlement dates from the X sec. a.C. Various sources talk about a founder named Ameroe in 1134 a.C.

There still are many testimonies of his glorious past as the polygonal walls built to protect the city and its center with a lot of medieval and renaissance palaces; there is also the Amelias Germanico, one of the most beautiful pieces of the roman art, made in bronze and perfectly preserved at the Museum of Amelia.

Amerino’s territory includes the municipality of di Alviano, Attigliano, Avigliano Umbro, Giove, Guardea, Lugnano in Teverina, Montecastrilli Penna in Teverina and is part of the tourist destination called Le Terre dei Borghi Verdi.

It’s a land of beautiful cities full of art, culture, traditions, green nature and typical food and wine of the Southern Umbria.

View of Amelia and the territory Amerino

Extra virgin olive oil in a wonderful and magic land.

Amelia and Amerino lives with an economy based on agriculture ever since and thanks to a rich soil and a mild climate that has allowed viticulture and olive cultivation.

The lucky mixture of young and secular olive trees, give the chance to produce an high quality  extra virgin olive oil.

Colli Amerini Umbria POD olive oil certification.

The Umbria PDO Colli Amerini EVOO is one of the certified excellence results from a unique combination of human and environmental factors that certifies the quality.

This kind of extra virgin olive oil is obtained thanks to a blending with Moraiolo at 15%, Rajo, Leccino and Frantoio at maximus 85%.

It has a medium-light fruity with hints of artichoke  confirmed to a bitter taste in the same intensity.

Uno degli oliveti di proprietà del Frantoio Suatoni di Amelia

Rajo Monocultivar.

Rajo EVOO is a rare single variety, which comes from the milling of olives of the centuries-old olive grove Rajo, autochthonous and typical of the Amerino area.

Thanks to Virgilio and its works, we discover that it has been known since the roman period, and the roman call it radius because of the shape of its fruit.

The tree can reach a remarkable size and from its black fruits it is obtained a yellow and green oil with a slightly bitter taste.


Experiences and tasting tours in Umbria.

Guided tours of the olive groves and the oil mill, tastings, educational workshops: Frantoio Suatoni is a world of experiences.

In compliance with Covid regulations, we organize by reservation: guided tours, sensory tastings  and the opportunity to attend (during the season) all stages of production: harvesting, squeezing, packaging to finish and, of course, tasting.

EVOO tasting is completed with umbrian typical food & wine.

Guides are in Italian, English and French.

For info and reservation:

Tavola imbandita di prodotti di enogastronomia umbra del Frantoio Suatoni, insieme a bruschette con olio EVO Frantoio Suatoni

San Valentino Farm House: an holiday immersed in the Suatoni’s olive trees.

And if you want to spend a weekend, or a week in Umbria, our Agriturismo Villa San Valentino, immersed in the green of our olive groves, can give guests a complete experience.

Splendida villa agriturismo immersa negli oliveti Suatoni ad Amelia