Descrizione prodotto

  • Cultivar 60% Frantoio 40% Leccino 10% Pendolino
  • Area of origin Amelia (Terni) , Umbria
  • Olive grove altitude Hills, 400 asl
  • PicKng period End of october – Beginning of november
  • Harvesting Mechanical
  • Extraction system Continuos cycle, first cold pressed
  • Certification Organic
  • Certification body Suolo e Salute
  • Colour Limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues.
  • Aroma Medium fruity, bitterness and pungency are balanced. Fine and delicate aroma, endowed with vegetal hints of artichoke and thistle, together with notes of aromatic herbs of basil and rosemary.
  • Flavour Mellow and fine, flavour of chicory, lettuce and a spicy note of black pepper and ripe walnut.
  • Food pairing Bruschette with vegetables, legumes salads, marinated fish, barbecued potatoes, soups, risotto with artichokes, stewed shrimps, grilled rock-fish, poultry, goat cheese.
  • Packaging 1 box of 12 bottles - 250/500 ml 1 Europallet (120x80 cm) 4 or 5 layers per Europallet 15 boxes per layer: 4 layers=720 bottles / 5 layers: 900 bottles

Tipo prodotto